About Me

Do people actually read the about page?

Well, if you’re here then I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m McKayla, an aspiring baker and lover of dinosaurs. I also love sharks and dragons, so you’ll probably see many desserts inspired by scaly animals.

I’m a self-taught baker and cook. Baking is one of my biggest passions. I started baking at 12 years old, inspired by my great-grandma. She’s passed down many recipes and techniques and to this day, my favorite baking days are ones spent with her.

I’m currently a second year Occupational Therapy student, with the goal to go into the pediatric field. My career dream is to use baking as a therapeutic activity for kids and adults alike.

I love all my pets: my dog, my bearded dragon, and my little sisters.

If I’m not in the kitchen, then I’m either Googling dinosaurs, reading a psychology book or watching a true crime show.

So grab your apron, plug in your mixer and channel your inner dinosaur. Let’s get to work!