Chai Tea Latte Cake with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

Are you one of those people who spell out your name to the Starbucks barista, so you can Instagram your drink? Or are you the other type of person, who make fun of those people? I’m a bit of both. When it comes to chai lattes, I’m a full blown basic white girl. I don’t even try to cover it up by being “hipster” about it. I’ll order my chai and be proud of it.

Basic aside, chai latte is truly one of my favorite drinks, after good ol’ coffee of course. Add a couple shots of espresso and I’m extra happy! Iced in the summer and hot in the winter, chai latte is a favorite all year round. Whether it’s homemade or from your favorite coffee shop, it’s amazing. And now, it’s a cake!

The chai spice is so flavorful in a buttery cake. There are two sources of chair flavor here: infused milk, and homemade spice mix. And don’t skimp on the spices, they’re loaded in here for a reason.

There are a few different ways to infuse the milk. Both include boiling the milk. Tazo now sells a chai tea concentrate! It comes in a carton, and its perfectly amazing. After boiling the milk, add the concentrate and let it cool before adding to the batter. I prefer this method because it is super concentrated, so it packs extra chai punch.

The second way is more traditional, using tea bags instead of the concentrate. Steep the tea bags in the milk and use when it cools down. Still deliciously flavorful!

I opted to go team cream cheese for this cake. Why? Because I find that the tang of cream cheese pairs well with cinnamon and the rest of the spice gang. Besides, why would anyone ever pass up cheesecake frosting? If you really are that person, then by all means try out my vanilla buttercream recipe here, but don’t forget to add the spices!


Please note that I am not paid or endorsed to promoted Tazo tea products. I promote their products based solely on my own opinions.

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