Easy Apple Pie Filling

So as the semester wraps up, so does autumn. I’m finishing my first semester for occupational therapy, and with every class, I love the profession more and more. You’ve probably heard about my goal to integrate baking with occupational therapy treatment, and I really hope I can someday make that dream a reality!

I’ve made it over and over again in the last couple weeks. Because this filling…well, it’s easy as an apple pie!

Use it as an ice cream topping, on waffles, a dip for pretzels, in puff pastry, or just eat it with a spoon (no judgement here!)

Any apples can be used in this recipe. Use your favorite! I use a mix of gala and golden delicious. You can also chop them however you want. I prefer chunkier pieces, but you can slice the apple instead if desired.

If the mixture still seems runny after boiling, don’t worry. It will continue to thicken and congeal as it cools. I’ve actually found this to be best the next day, after its already congealed and completely cool. If you’re making a pie or a crumble, allow it to come to room temp, then use as directed. For topping ice cream, I recommend warming it up a bit. Something about warm apple filling with vanilla ice cream is so comforting.

And here are a list of recipes to use this in!

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