Apple Cider Spiced Cupcakes

When someone asks if you’d like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?

Lisa Loeb

Welll….I took Lisa Loeb’s advice and did exactly that! We went apple picking for the first time this year and here are the results! Using fresh, local NY apples, I recreated a recipe I made way back in 2016 or so. These cupcakes are like literal apple pie. The vanilla bean buttercream is reminiscent of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and don’t forget to stuff the inside of the cupcake with apple pie filling!

The easiest way to stuff a cupcake is to use an apple corer to remove about an half an inch from the inside. Then spoon a small amount of filling into the middle and replace the top. Frost as normal! Don’t skip this step; even though it’s time consuming, it brings the cupcake to the next level.

Next is the apple pie filling. You can find my easy recipe here. Allow the filling to cool and congeal completely before using.

A key ingredient here is apple cider. I used caramel flavored cider in the first batch, and regular in the second, and let me tell you- if you can find caramel apple cider, it is the way to go! It’s not overwhelmingly caramel-y, but adds just enough to enhance the flavor.

This is an oil-based recipe, rather than butter. I prefer using oil because it creates a moist, soft crumb. Look how fluffy it is! Like with butter, the sugar still needs to be incorporated completely with the fat. That how it gets so fluffy. This can be done by hand, but I recommend beating with a mixer. You want air to be be mixed in at this step. After adding the rest of the ingredient, mix until everything is just combined. Over-mixed batter is a guarantee for dense cake. So, when in doubt, stop mixing.

One last tip for you: vanilla beans or bean paste is highly recommended to get a ice cream taste. Regular vanilla extract will work, of course. But beans are worth the investment! I use this company, Vanilla Bean’s Gourmet. They’re a small family owned business. Their beans are directly from Madagascar and Indonesia. The beans are high quality, Kosher, non-GMO, and totally worth the investment. Plus, free shipping to anywhere in the USA! That’s always a huge plus side to any company for me. And one more thing about Vanilla Beans Gourmet before I let you go try this recipe: their beans come in super duper adorable packages! I mean, glass tubes with a cork top? I’m all for the aesthetics!

Okay, now you can go and make this! If you share it on social media, make sure you tag me so I can see and share!

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