Greatest Baker Top 10!


Exciting news!

I made it into the top 10 round of the Greatest Baker Competition!

That. Is. HUGE for me! I means, I’m one step closer to achieving a lifelong goal- that of helping others.

As I grow as a person, the way I want to help people has developed in different ways. I have finally found the perfect way to do so. As you know, that is Occupational Therapy. With the semester wrapping up, I can begin to focus back on creating recipes and posting them here, so please don’t give up on me! 🤣 I promise I will get back into the swing of posting recipes soon!

This picture perfectly encapsulates my feelings right now. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would actually be able to participate in a baking competition, let alone advance to the next round! I’m in the top 10, and I have a week to stay in the top 5!

Needless to say, I am ECSTATIC!

Please keep your votes coming! ☞︎☞︎☞︎

If you follow me on Instagram, stay tuned cause soon I’ll have giveaway! 🎉 WOOHOO! 🎉

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