Shark Attack Cupcakes

It’s Shark Week, the best week of the year!

I love Shark Week. I’ve always been a lover of sharks. As a kid, I would sit in my school library reading all the shark books available, or scour the internet for shark videos and documentaries. I wanted to be a shark researcher and marine biologist for a long time. And not to mention that one of my childhood stuffed animals is a great white shark named Rico. And yes, I said is, not was.

Do you have a favorite shark? Mine is the megalodon, an extinct prehistoric shark very similar to the well known great white. I also love shortfin makos, which can clock in at 45 mph. You can see my Instagram story for more shark trivia! @the_cakeasaurus

Along with dinosaurs, my love for sharks is a phase I’ve never grown out of. I probably never will. At almost twenty years old, mayyybe its a bit weird. Oh well.

Without further ado, lets dive into the recipe!

Good things do come out of my interest in sharks. For example, these “fin”-tastic cupcakes! Soft and fluffy, the vanilla crumb is hiding a surprise…a maraschino cherry filling. Topped with my Oceanic Whitetip Frosting, these cupcakes are a need to every shark lover, and perfect for every Shark Week.

First, let’s bake the cupcakes. They are ultra soft and buttery. A very basic flavor, which makes it the perfect canvas for practically anything! Slightly adapted from my original basic cake recipe, I’ve modified it so that it is much lighter. By reducing the flour and upping the fat content, we achieve a softer, fluffier cupcake. The batter is still very thick, and will fall off the spatula in ribbons.

Next is the maraschino cherry filling. I prefer to use a canned cherry filling. You can definitely use regular jarred maraschino cherries, or even make your own filling with fresh cherries, but I think the color and jelly like texture of the canned filling is much more…fitting.

Anyway, I’ve got Shark Week to watch now…enjoy the feeding frenzy!

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