Raspberry Limeade Scones

We all know about raspberry lemonaid…now who’s ready for raspberry limeade??

This combo was suggested to me by one of my followers on Instagram. I’m so glad she did…because these scones are THE BOMB! So good, my great grandmother (the very baking inspiration) who doesn’t eat many sweets ate them and raved to my mother how good they were. Am I tooting my own horn? Just a bit….but wait til you try these and you’ll understand why.

Based on my rosemary scone recipe, I only made a few tweaks. I like these because they’re not overly sweet. Most of the sweetness comes from the raspberries and the glaze. The lime also isn’t over-powdering, complimenting the raspberry quite nicely. Move over lemonade; raspberries have a new partner in cake.

The process for scones is fairly easy. If you need to make your own buttermilk, set aside ten extra minutes for it to curdle and warm to room temp first. I also like to slice and cube softened butter then freeze it for ten minutes before beginning. A food processor makes life so much easier too. Just combine everything in the bowl of the food processor and pulse.

I also highly recommend using silicone baking mats. Use it to knead the dough; it saves on cleanup time because you don’t get flour all over the countertop. Here’s the one I use (it doubles as a macaron stencil mat, win-win) Use the baking mat whenever you would use parchment paper. They’re reusable, easy to clean and so cost effective. Win-win-win-win.


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