Fudgy Brownies

Cue typical food blogger rant.

Growing up with the last name “Brown” was difficult for me. To kids, it can be compared to some pretty gross things, but I won’t go into detail here. For one, I find it to be the most boring name ever. I always loved my first and middle names, McKayla Alexandra. It flows right off the tongue, then stops short with Brown. I hated it. There are hundreds of Browns, and I’m related to only 10 of them. In school, I was either always one of the firsts on the teachers’ alphabetical roll call, making me feel put on the spot (I was pretty sensitive to things like that as a kid, probably due to anxiety and my introverted nature). Lastly, Brown is also my least favorite color. (It would be much more fitting is my last name was Black, or even White. Heck, I’ll take Green!). Now I know these are all so trivial, and that’s not my point. Today’s recipe is a classic fudgy brownie. I mention my last name because, well, I’m a Brownie.

My immediate family and I refer to ourselves as Brownies. Our family group chat is labeled “Brownies with nuts”. It’s the only redeeming thing about my last name to me. It means that my brownie recipes are created by a Brownie herself. I guess you can say I’m an expert on these!

These are ultra chocolately, gooey and fudgy and have a hint of espresso. There are two sources of chocolate goodness here: melted chocolate and cocoa powder. The melted chocolate also plays a role in creating the fudginess, when combined with the other key ingredients, eggs and butter. We also want the brownie batter to be pretty wet, so there’s less flour compared to most recipes. And you can put your baking soda and baking powder away- no need for them here!

Lᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢᴏᴏᴇʏ ɢᴏᴏᴅɴᴇss!

My favorite part of any chocolate dessert of mine is the espresso. Every single one of my chocolate recipes calls for espresso powder in some amount. Espresso powder richly enhances chocolate flavor, even if you can’t detect the taste of espresso. Usually only a teaspoon or two is needed, but I opt for a tablespoon or more! Since the espresso powder just adds to the flavor and doesn’t affect the baking sciencey-ness, you can increase or decrease the amount to your desire. For these brownies specifically, I recommend using at least two teaspoons.

Other ways to make these brownies even more amazing is all the different add-ins! Try different fruits (strawberries, raspberries or oranges to name a few), top with flaked sea salt & caramel, or swirl in some peanut butter! And of course….

Brownie sundaes! Topped with ice cream while warm is my favorite way of inhaling these, and I guarantee you’ll be making these over and over!

3 thoughts on “Fudgy Brownies

  1. What a perfect treat for a Monday morning. I am super excited to start the week with this recipe, and can’t wait to stock up on cocoa powder and chocolate to hopefully make these for the entire summer.

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