Blueberry Muffins & Lemony Glaze

It’s now officially summer. And yes, I realize I keep saying this. Being 85°F and up for most of the day, I’m forced to bake late in the afternoon and/or into the night. Something about having the oven on during the heat of day is so unappealing. And with my house lacking central air cooling, it gets quite hot in my kitchen.

I’m definitely not a summer girl. I think it’s something due to the fact that I was born in November. (There is some science behind this, like this study.) Anyway, I strongly dislike summer. Who actually enjoys being sweaty and gross, just for the sake of soaking up the rays? No thanks! And as mentioned above, summer is super hard for bakers to deal with. In addition to the hot oven situation, summer weather makes decorating cakes a nightmare! Even if you have A/C in your kitchen/workspace, iced cakes are still a pain to work with in the summer heat.

The ONE redeeming thing about summer: fresh fruit. From blackberries to citrus, fresh fruit is abundant during June, July, and August. And with the abundance of fresh blueberries, not making blueberry muffins is practically a crime.

That’s not to say these can only be made during the summer. What kind of world would it be without frozen fruit? If you have frozen blueberries, those will work just fine in this recipe, of course! But don’t thaw before adding to the batter. Add while still frozen.

Keep in mind that the lemony glaze is not optional here. Okay, technically it is but please please, for the sake of buttery goodness, please don’t skip it! The tartness balances out the sweetness so well, it’s addicting! I recommend drizzling the glaze while the muffins are still slightly warm. Trust me.

The texture of these babies is soft and oh so fluffy. A little on the heavy side (think pound cake meets cupcake), these are filling and satisfying. A perfect breakfast to pair with coffee, or little late night sweetness, I guarantee you will love these!

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