Browned Butter Maple Cupcakes

Breakfast time! I’ve mentioned before how much I love breakfast foods- I could eat eggs, hash browns, and especially bacon, ALL DAY LONG!

This isn’t the first breakfast themed cupcakes and it probably definitely won’t be the last (cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes, anyone?) The first was a “pancake” muffin-like creation, with a maple frosting. It was tasty, but rather bland. It lacked the “umph” that breakfast foods deserve. I set out to find the cupcake that would pack the most flavor punch…and boy did it punch!

First up to the flavor palate is butter, of course. Any breakfast wouldn’t be complete without being ultra buttery. Specifically, browned buttery! Browned butter is the star here. It’s liquid bakers gold, for real!

Brown butter is really simple. It’s exactly how it sounds. It just butter that’s been browned by lightly cooking in a shallow frying pan. See below.

When butter melts, the milk fats separate and sink to the bottom. There they caramelize, creating a super rich, almost nutty flavor and aroma. This will make your kitchen smell AMAZING.

I also opted to go for flatter cupcakes, to resemble a stack of pancakes and also to pile the browned butter frosting sky high. You won’t be disappointed!

Next up is the bacon 🥓 Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without bacon, of course! Candied bacon is soooo easy. All you need to do is bake it, with only one extra ingredient. You can use either dark or light brown sugar. I prefer to use dark as it has a deeper, richer flavor that pairs well with the saltiness of bacon, but light works just as well.

All in all, I think these cupcakes can speak for themselves. You just have to try it!

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