Blackout Berry Macarons

Good morning and welcome back to the Cakeasaurus.

Never mind. I thought it would sound cool to open this post like a talk show, but nah. I’ve been a bit MIA here lately, due to lack of time and a major writer’s block, a terribly unfortunate combination for a food blogger.

Not to fear though. I’m back with a tonnn of backlogged recipes! Today’s recipe is one of my personal favorites. If I was a macaron, I’d be these for sure! These took a bit of trial and error to achieve the rich black I was aiming for, but I finally got them down. And isn’t she a black beaut?

What’s your favorite color? Mine, obviously, is black. It’s moody and elegant and classic, all at once. It can convey pretty much any emotion, and nearly everyone can pull it off. And its such a gorgeous interior decorating style!

How do I achieve that rich gorgeous black? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…black velvet cacao powder.

It’s my secret weapon. I use it at every opportunity. Say goodbye to using whole bottles of black food coloring only to end up with a dark grey. The only downside is that since its cacao powder, it makes a chocolate dessert. But since when is chocolate actually a downside??? Never, that’s what I thought. So let me nerd out even more here about this black velvet cacao.

My preferred brand is Weirdo Good. You can check out their website here. The first thing I love about the company is the name itself- Weirdo Good? That’s what first got my attention! Their website is quirky and fun. Quote: “We’re all weirdos in our own unique ways. We think that’s a good thing, and believe in letting the weirdo in you out and letting it shine.” That SPOKE to me, man. A quick look around the website and you find they sell their black velvet cacao on Amazon. Idk about you, but that is totally fine with me! I live off of Amazon, and it helps me set up this link just for you to quickly get your own bag of cacao! Click here!

Now let’s talk about the signature Black Velvet Cacao powder. First off, the powder itself isn’t black (its very dark brown) but the result? Well see for yourself!

There is not a SINGLE drop of food coloring in this. Not in the shells, not in the buttercream filling. How’s that for living up to their name! So do not fret if you receive a bag of brown powder. And because of that, these won’t stain teeth or lips!

It’s organic, completely allergen free (all of the top 8 allergens have no place here!) and if you not already sold, then here’s the BEST part: The flavor is AMAZING! It’s deep, rich, and ultra chocolate-y. It doesn’t taste gritty or “burnt” or too alkaline like some cocoa powders.

So do yourself a favor…treat yourself to a bag (or four) of Black Velvet Cacao Powder!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions are my own and are written of my own initiative. This post is not endorsed by the company which I am writing about.

Recipe and photos are my own.

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