Savory Rosemary Scones

Are you a breakfast-for-dinner person? I sure am! I’m always down for breakfast foods after the end of designated “breakfast time”. I don’t know what it is. Eggs just taste so much better after 3 pm! At midnight, pancakes are the best thing in the world. And bacon? Well, lets be honest. Bacon is the bomb all 24 hours of the day.

Breakfast foods often happen to be grocery staples. Eggs? Check. Pancake & waffle mixes? Yep. Bacon? Most definitely. Canned biscuits? Maybe, if Pillsbury was having a good deal.

What about scones? Not to be confused with British scones, which are what Americans would refer to as a biscuit (which in the U.K. is a cookie (weird).). Those are two totally different things. The scones I’m talking about, “American” scones, are the wedge shaped, dry, sweet or savory mounds of baked dough. Similar to a (American) biscuit, scones are dry but not nearly as flaky.

My point is, scones always belong on the breakfast table. Always, no question. I don’t care if there’s already waffles, pancakes and biscuits: scones are a must! The best thing about scones, also similar to a flaky biscuit, is that they can be sweet or savory. My preference for both is savory, and that’s why I thought my first scone recipe should be for rosemary dinner scones! Well, I actually had these for breakfast, but that just proves how versatile these are!

These rosemary savory scones are perfect for soaking up gravies or sauces, or toasted with a smear of butter!

With a copious amount of dried rosemary (you can most certainly use fresh if desired; dried is just what I had on hand), a bit a flaked sea salt and the golden crust resulting from egg wash, these scones are the best creation the breakfast-for-dinner lovers will see. Is that too bold of a statement? Absolutely not! Just see for yourself.

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